High Quality CaF2 85% Fluorspar

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Shape  Sand, lumps, Granular
Color  White ,Green, Blue, Purple, etc.
Size  10-50mm or Customized
Package  Ton bag or Bulk or Customized
Package Marks  Customized
Supply Quantity  1500 mt/Month
Origin  Mongolia
HS Code  252921000
Third Party Inspection  BV, SGS, AHK, etc.

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The name “fluorspar” is originated from Latin “fluo” which means flow. Fluorspar can reduce meltdown in steelmaking. As its main content is calcium fluoride, it is also called “fluorite”. We can supply spot Mongolian fluorspar (CaF2 75%-97%) at Tianjin Port, China. At the same time, services like customs declaration and container gate-in can also be provided. The fluorspar can be transported either in ton bags or in bulk.

Chemical Analysia

Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) Min 85%
Silica (SiO2) Max 14%
Sulfur (S) Max 0.1%
Phosphorus (P) Max 0.1%
Moisture Max 1%
Shape Sand, lumps, Granular
Color White, Green, Blue, Purple, etc.
Size 10-50mm or Customized
Package Ton bag or Bulk or Customized
Package Marks Customized
Supply Quantity 1500 mt/Month
Origin Mongolia
HS Code 252921000
Third Party Inspection BV, SGS, AHK, etc.



As one of the minerals with the highest content of fluorine, fluorspar is not only applied to the traditional industries such as metallurgy, cement and glass, but also enjoys more and more extensive applications in the emerging fields such as new energy, national defense, semi-conductor and medicine, with its strategic value becoming increasingly prominent and favored by all countries. Being a kind of important non-renewable non-metal resource, fluorspar has been listed as Strategic Mineral Resource or Critical Minerals successively by China, America, European Union and other countries or regions.

Fluorine chemical industry is the highest consumer of fluorspar, consuming 52% of fluorspar output. The industry basically produces hydrogen fluoride. As per the fields where its end products are applied, the industry can be further classified into inorganic fluorine chemical and organic fluorine chemical. The inorganic fluorine chemical mainly deals with fluorine-contained electronic chemical products, fluorine-contained special gases and other inorganic fluorides, with its products widely applied in semi-conductor manufacturing industry, battery materials, optical materials, insulating gases and other fields; organic fluorine chemical mainly deals with productions of fluorocarbon products, fluorine-contained high molecular polymer and organic fluorine-contained chemicals, with its products applied in refrigerant, foaming agent, fluorocarbon oil, medicine, farm insecticide, LCD, ion exchange membrane, semi-conductor manufacturing and other fields.

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