Metallurgical Grade Fluorspar CaF2 80%

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Shape  Sand, Powder, Granular
Color  Green, Blue, Purple, White, etc.
Size  10-70mm or Customized
Package  Bulk or Jumbo bag or Customized
Supply Quantity  1500 mt/Month
Origin  China or Mongolia
HS Code  252921000
Third Party Inspection  BV, SGS, AHK, etc.

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CaF2:80%MIN 10-50MM 

CaF2:80%MIN 2-8MM 

Fluorspar is also called Fluorite, Fluorspar lumps, Fluorspar Ore, Natural Fluorspar, Calcium Fluoride. We maintain a large stock of fluorspar at our warehouse located at Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, China, which enables us to cater to the demands of customers. Third-party inspection agencies assigned by customers are welcome to take samples at our warehouse. As we have been maintaining good cooperation with shipping companies, freight spaces can be booked in a timely manner.

Chemical Analysia

Calcium Fluoride (CaF2) Min 80%
Silica (SiO2) Max 19%
Sulfur (S) Max 0.15%
Phosphorus (P) Max 0.15%
Moisture Max 1%
Shape Sand, Powder, Granular
Color Green, Blue, Purple, White, etc.
Size 10-70mm or Customized
Package Bulk or Jumbo bag or Customized
Supply Quantity 1500 mt/Month
Origin China or Mongolia
HS Code 252921000
Third Party Inspection BV, SGS, AHK, etc.


In the iron and steel industry, fluorspar serves as a fluxing agent to reduce the melting point of refractory substances and promote slag flow.
In the aluminum smelting industry, fluorspar functions as an auxiliary material in the electrolytic aluminum process to reduce the melting point of solute and improve the conductivity of electrolytes.
In the cement industry, fluorspar is usually used as an auxiliary material to improve product performance.
In the glass industry, a small amount of fluorspar is added to molten glass to aid melting.
In the ceramic industry, as an ingredient, fluorspar can reduce the firing temperature and melt viscosity, and improve the quality of the rough body and glaze.


1.What kind of payment method do you accept?
T/T or L/C are most used payment method, other way please contact our sales manager.

2.How about the shipping fees?
We can offer FOB, CIF. More details please check with our sales manager.

3. What is the quality of fluorite packing?
We can offer jumbo big bags. The big bags are made of high-quality polyethylene material, It is waterproof and UV resistant.

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